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Dinosaur Castle

Zhengzhou Leyuan amusement production and sales of inflatable castle applicable to: Cultural media etiquette celebration company animation production company. (Organizing events setting off scenes building momentum) 2. Scenic spots res...

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Zhengzhou Leyuan amusement production and sales of inflatable castle applicable to:

Cultural media, etiquette celebration company, animation production company. (Organizing events, setting off scenes, building momentum)

2. Scenic spots, resorts, playgrounds, parks, squares and gymnasiums. (Operating profitability)

3. Large enterprises, trade unions, organizations and associations. (Organizing activities, publicizing enterprises)

4 Cooperate with local TV stations to set up meetings (especially entertainment channels and children's channels)

What's the business of inflatable castles doing?

Zhengzhou Yuyuan Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. has 14 years of experience in producing large inflatable toys. The colors are coloured with bright colors. The cartoon is the most popular cartoon in the form. It attracts people all over the world. It is loved by children. It is a new playground for children. It has won popularity for inflatable castles, so there is no need to worry about customers in business. The inflatable trampoline is also very simple and flexible. Find a site, when operating, only need to connect the matching fan to continuously inflate, after the end of business activities, natural exhaust after power failure, exhaust can be packaged and taken away, which not only saves the rent of the site, but also can change the site at any time according to the situation. The flow of people will change with the holidays and other factors. The convenient mobility of inflatable castles can be changed according to the change of the flow of people, not limited by the site.

Investing in an inflatable castle project usually requires only product fees. Later rental costs can be omitted in some cases, and the cost is very low. Castle ticket revenue is generally priced at around 10 yuan, assuming that * according to 50 children to calculate, a month's ticket revenue is 15,000 yuan, easily over 10,000! It's only a matter of time.

Such a good product will naturally attract businessmen, investors engaged in inflatable castle business have quietly made a lot of money.

If a product wants to be recognized by the market, it must be liked by both the seller and the buyer. Unilateral likes are like "one-sided love". It is difficult to maintain a balanced situation, and naturally it will not continue to be popular. That's why Leyuan's children's trampoline has been on fire for so many years.

What does the seller like?

For businessmen who invest, they all like "one hundred thousand profits" and "making a steady profit without losing money". Although rationality tells us that it is common for businesses to make profits and compensate for losses, it is almost impossible to make steady profits without losing compensation, but the purpose of pursuing "low input and high return" remains unchanged.

Children's inflatable trampoline is such a product, it almost meets all the needs of businessmen.

1. Low investment: The cost is the cost of buying trampoline and rent of the venue. In the children's amusement industry, the cost of the trampoline is in a lower level, and the rent of the venue is more flexible. The rent can be saved by choosing outdoor mobile operation.

2. High income: Children's trampoline ticket fees vary from 10 to 20 yuan per time, trampoline bright colors, funny shapes are attracting children, drainage effect is superb, smart businessmen just need to compare * ticket revenue and the cost of buying trampoline can know that such revenue, only a few days can be returned, after the income is net profit.

What does the buyer like?

The target population of the inflatable castle is children, whose buyers are children and parents. Children like fun, interesting, and can play with more small partners; parents like safe, healthy, can learn knowledge, reasonable price. This kind of demand, seemingly complex, in fact, all of the inflatable trampoline can meet. Soft material, naughty children are not afraid of being hurt when knocked, very in line with parents'safety requirements.
Friends from Xuanwu District

The service is good, the price is fair, the attitude is warm and the quality is satisfactory. Next time you need to buy it again.

Friends from Shannan

Received, the effect is good, more people, 1000 + a day

Friends from Ali

Atmosphere, beautiful weather, children like to play

Friends from Chizhou

Very good. The quality is especially good. I like it very much. The important thing is that it's not expensive.

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I took a custom-made picture of the neighbouring county, and the effect was better than that of the neighbouring county.

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Customization time is a bit long, but overall satisfaction

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