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Inflatable Castle

Zhengzhou Leyuan amusement production and sales of inflatable castle applicable to: Cultural media etiquette celebration company animation production company. (Organizing events setting off scenes building momentum) 2. Scenic spots res...

model:Inflatable Castle


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 Theme modelling is based on maze design, size and color can be selected, free design.

1. In order to ensure the normal life of your equipment, you should not take part in too many children's games when playing on the computer. Generally, it can accommodate a child of 3 square meters on the air mold.

2. The small shape on the facility plays a decorative role. Children should not be forced to pull or tear hard to avoid damage.

3. When children play, they should not use hard objects to scribble on the equipment in order to avoid damage.

4. If the equipment is damaged, special glue can be applied to the damaged place and the spare PVC material. After 5 minutes, the glue will not stick to the hand, then it will be bonded and extruded properly, then it can be used in a few minutes.

5. The air pressure on the equipment is too soft. Check if there is too much air leakage, tearing holes, or power failure. If the air pressure is too hard, cover the air inlet of the fan a little. 6. If a large area of abnormal use is damaged, the manufacturer can provide professional maintenance services, or send it directly back to the factory for maintenance.
Friends from Tangshan City

Inflatable castle received, the quality is very good, very thick, colorful look very good, the children are very fond of, customer service person is very good, the price is substantial, the logistics is very strong.

Friends from Binzhou

Inflatable castle received, the quality is quite good, the color is very bright, no smell, children like it very much.

Friends from Yingkou City

The quality is good, the children like to come and play, and the most important thing is that they are strong and beautiful.

Friends from Suihua City

Baby received, very surprising, very big, and very thick, children play very happy.

Friends from Golmud

The cortex is very thick, the quality is good, there is no odor, and the air is good to look at. In the open space near home, the profit of children is considerable after a lot of time.

Friends from Zhumadian

Inflatable castle received, beautiful, reasonable and safe design, color harmony

Friends from Wenzhou

Soon I received it. I tried to inflate it myself and swing it out without leaking air. Touch is firm, quality is acceptable, color is more beautiful children are more likely to like, lighting at night, many children play, business is good.

Friends from Changchun City

Blowing is more colorful than imagined. The material is very thick and has no odor. It's a good design for children. There are many different ways and settings. They are mainly for children to play and they can also go to the park amusement park to earn some money.

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