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Wedding banquet tents

Zhengzhou Leyuan amusement production and marketing tents have the following advantages: It has the advantages of fast shaping high strength fire-proof mildew-proof anti-ultraviolet moisture-proof light body s...

model:Wedding banquet tents


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Zhengzhou Leyuan amusement production and marketing tents have the following advantages:

It has the advantages of fast shaping, high strength, fire-proof, mildew-proof, anti-ultraviolet, moisture-proof, light body, small volume after folding, and easy to carry.

It can be used in field construction, camping training, temporary clubs, sports and entertainment places, army command posts, field hospitals, disaster relief, camping, leisure, tourism, mobile catering, red and white wedding, dining tents and other places.

3. Moisture-proof and moisture-proof, mosquito-proof heat preservation, anti-infrared, flame-retardant, etc. The tent, however, adopts the international popular form in the design of column shape. The product has high stability, strong shearing shunt wind power and no rainwater storage.

Therefore, compared with ordinary metal bracket tents, inflatable tents have incomparable advantages. They are light in weight and small in volume, and have advantages that ordinary metal bracket tents do not have in transportation. And its erection and demolition are very simple, will not waste more manpower and time, especially suitable for rapid response to emergencies. Inflatable tents can also be airdropped when the environment is too bad to reach.

Question: What if the inflatable tent leaks?

Answer: If you find air leakage you can clean the air column first and then apply soapy water on the surface to check the air leakage point. If the leak point is a small hole you can use a small piece of circular repair cloth (any specification of the inflatable tent with inside) and then brush the glue after the glue dry (important must be waiting for the special glue dry) stick to the leak point the bonding is tight. If the leak is glued at the hot seam of the gas column it can be treated in the following steps:

1. Clean up the bonding surface first.

2. The inflatable tent will be supplied with bottle glue. The special glue for the air column of the inflatable tent will be brushed on the pre-bonded surface. It must be brushed evenly and with appropriate thickness. After brushing the drawing twice it can be bonded.

3. The shape of the bonded joint should be designed as a circle or an ellipse avoiding the square and sharp angle joints as far as possible and the lap width should not be less than 30 mm.

4. When the glue evaporates it can be bonded. The patches must be smooth without folds rolled and scraped. At the same time the hairdryer is used to supply heat source for easy bonding. After 6 hours of bonding it can be inflated and used.

Matters needing attention:

1. When installing on mud or sand it is necessary to lay a layer of rayon on the ground to prevent air-filled tents from getting dirty affecting beauty and service life.

2. If you need to cook in a tent you must keep the flame away from the tent cloth or isolate the flame with a fire-proof board. When cooking you can't leave the tent. At ordinary times you should make a good fire-fighting plan and install an exhaust fan to remove the smoke.

3. Remove inflatable tents in advance when the local wind force is expected to exceed grade 8 or above. In order to avoid unnecessary losses.

4. Before storage air-dried tents must be sun-dried or air-dried and then folded and stored after they are restored to dry. If it is too late to dry the tents keep in mind that they must not last forever in order to avoid staining and mildew.

5. Depending on local humidity and climate conditions regularly air and sun the awning cloth to prevent bacteria and damage to the rain-proof coating of the awning cloth.
Friends from Xuchang City

When the tent came back it rushed up. It was very satisfied. Its skin was thick and it was a light-shielding cloth. Its color was very beautiful and it looked atmospheric.

Friends from Baoding

At that time I was worried that nobody would use it now. I don't need to worry about the service attitude of the manufacturer at all.

Friends from Fuxin City

The quality is good the color is festive the construction is simple the material is very solid the advertisement print is really good very satisfied.

Friends from Baiyin City

The tent was received and looked at the high-end atmosphere.

Friends from Yueyang City

The quality is really good. It won't take long for the one bought before to go bad. This one should be very good.

Friends from Xiangyang City

It's easy to inflate the material is safe the touch is strong and durable the customer service attitude is good very satisfied and praised.

Friends of Zhanjiang City

All kinds of power the boss in order to save money for me did not recommend buying his family's things he recommended some substitutes for me which is just like the seller of conscience. The best performance-price ratio of the whole network

Friends from Ningde

A very good cooperation compared with many they are very patient but also to provide design and operation programs product technology is also very professional their service is really not easy.

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