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Zhengzhou Leyuan amusement production and sales of inflatable castle applicable to: Cultural media etiquette celebration company animation production company. (Organizing events setting off scenes building momentum) 2. Scenic spots res...

model:Inflatable tent


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Zhengzhou Leyuan amusement production and sales of warehouse tents have the following advantages:

First: The use of green color, beautiful and generous, simple and bright.

Second, the top of the circular structure, so that the tent space is larger.

Three: front and rear doors, easy access, but also to maintain secrecy.

Fourth: the product uses high-quality Plato PVC mesh material, so that the tent is very strong, not afraid of the storm.

The tent conforms to the space structure, making the space wider, more convenient and faster to build. The use of high-quality materials makes the tent more solid, wear-resistant, enhances the ability to resist chemical corrosion, has anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation, flame retardant, fire safety and longer service life.

Product parameters

Detailed parameters of integrated warehouse tent

Product Specification, Customized Material, High Strength Environmental Protection Pvc

Cloth thickness 0.6mm Inflation mode One-time Inflation

Inflation time 10-15 minutes, service life 100,000 person-times

Equipment Configuration, Glue, Fan, Repair Material Guarantee for 5 Years

How to realize the wind resistance of tents?

The first is whether its design conforms to aerodynamics. Generally, the shape of the tent is divided into dome type and passageway type. Comparing the two, the dome type tent is tall and spacious, while the passageway type tent is short and narrow.

Although short and narrow means that people are not comfortable to live, once the wind blows, its wind area is small, and there are outward extension of the front and rear of the door canopy design, especially when built in parallel with the wind direction, the wind resistance is excellent. Another key to ensure that the tent is windproof is the overall strength of the tent. The material of the supporting rod is usually glass fiber and aluminium alloy. There is no doubt that the strength of the supporting rod of aluminium alloy is higher, and the more the number of supporting rods, the higher the overall strength of the tent. Also, stakes and ropes should play a full role in strengthening the wind resistance of the tents.

It is painful to build a tent in the wind. We should try our best to make use of natural barriers, such as the shelter of the mountain, the back of the boulders and so on. In ice and snow areas, we can also consider digging a snow pit first, then putting the tent in the snow pit, and then using the excavated snow to build a wind-blown snow wall on the windward surface of the tent. To avoid the floating tent being blown away during the construction process, it should be held down by heavy objects such as boulders or backpacks. Unfortunately, it's a test to set up a tent alone in the wind.

Outdoor tent section:

Don't rush when setting up a tent. It's very likely that the tent pole will be broken by rough hands and feet. Especially when it's cold, FRP is very brittle. It's better to carry a 20 cm metal pipe for spare use. In order to prevent the bottom of the tent from being damaged, the branches and grass roots on the ground should be cleaned up before the tent is built.

When pulling the fixed rope, a red cloth strip can be attached to it to remind others to pay attention to it in order to avoid other people's inadvertent mixing. Develop the habit of nailing well even when there is no wind, otherwise the empty tent will be easily blown away by the wind when there is wind. When the wind is strong, if you want to leave an empty tent, it is better to put the tent down and press heavy objects on it to prevent the tent from being damaged by the wind. If time permits in the morning, it's better to dry the tent after the sun comes out, and the weight of the dry tent and the wet tent will differ a lot.

Friends from Xining

The quality is good, the material is thick, the single layer is made, the effect is good, and the leaders are satisfied.


Friends from Shangqiu City

Received something, beautiful color, like it very much, the quality is very good, the material is very thick! My husband also boasted that I would buy things.


Friends from Yubei District

Customization time is a bit long, but overall satisfaction


Friends from Jingzhou

To tell you the truth, a set of inflatable greenhouse is more than 10,000, really a little expensive, always wanted to buy, reluctant, tangled for more than a year, also compared with more than a dozen manufacturers, finally bought in Atu, although the price is more expensive than some factories, but finally ordered here, the reasons are as follows, for other customers to refer to it. 1. Businessmen have a good attitude, communication has been very smooth, to find. Yatu Zhangsheng Gavexin also has a piece of one year, has been maintaining communication, business tireless introduction, really rare, I sometimes think of myself, if I do business, a customer asked for a year has not bought, but also has been asking, I am sure early Lahaira, Haha, 2, other colleagues bought inflatable shed in Yatu, quality and after sale, I can rest assured that, Based on the above two points, the last bite teeth to buy... Finally, I would like to say that I am satisfied with the shed. It basically meets my expectations, even higher than my expectations. The disadvantage is that the loading is a little troublesome and too heavy. I hope the businessmen can find a good way to solve this disadvantage.


Friends from Deyang City

Inflatable awning received, I do outdoor mobile catering, entanglement for a long time before I decided to buy, I hope that in the future more to survive, business is getting better and better.


My friends from Jilin City are shopping so intensely on the internet. I didn't expect that the shop's service is so good and the goods are of good quality and low price. Thank you so much.


Friends from Huanggang City

The tent was received. The good cloth was thick and waterproof. It's easy to fold and carry. Customer service attitude is very good, very patient to teach me how to install. Very satisfied.


Friends from Tai'an City

Businessmen shipped very fast, good quality, thick waterproof effect is also good, put up very good, customer service attitude is good, teach very patience, do not fold up very convenient, satisfied.


Friends from Qiqihar

The inflatable tent was received, and the family and neighbors came to see it. They were very satisfied, beautiful and generous.

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