All playgrounds, whether large or small, can benefit from the functional characteristics of Lok Yuen toys..

No matter what type of amusement park, cost saving is one of the key factors in the construction of amusement park.

For ordinary amusement parks, only a few inflatable castles can be opened to make money.

If the mobile pool is added, it will attract more people and bring more benefits.

Yue Yuan toys provide more styles and options such as:

  • Inflatable castle, underwater world castle, the return of the castle of the great sage.
  • If you add water slides, then there are ice and snow world, rainbow slide, elephant water and so on.

Lok provides many options for customers to choose from.

Including profit plan design

Product customization.

Project operation guidance, after sales service support and so on.

You can take time to look at our commercial building intelligence solution case. If you need more information, welcome to contact us.

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Inflatable Castle

Inflatable Castle

TInflatable Castle

Inflatable Castle

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