Water Park

Water Park

In the field of large-scale amusement, Leyuan has provided products or solutions for many top companies, including Wanda, Huaqiang Font, Mengniu Group, Yili Group, Mega International Holiday Group and Windham Group. In addition, Leyuan has provided toy products to more than 50 amusement parks at home and abroad. Leyuan provides a comprehensive amusement park solution, uses Leyuan to design new toy products, and improves the customer's experience and satisfaction.

Why choose the music source amusement park solution?
    •  Safety.
    •  Reliability.
    •  Amusement.
    •  Modular system
    •  Simple maintenance.
    •  Professional service team.

50*60米Water Park



30米*60米Water Park



60米*100米Water Park



70米*100米Water Park



70米*90米Water Park



100米*100米Water Park