Today, inflatable castles are almost everywhere, but with the explosion of inflatable castles, problems gradually emerge. The situation that inflatable castles are overturned happens from time to time. It can be said that there are endless emergences. Continuous wind blows lead to inflatable castles flying up and scraping accidents. The alarm bell of inflatable playful toys has been sounded for a long time. This is a major problem concerning children's physical and mental health. All inflatable toy manufacturers and operators must be very heavy. See.



Our improved safety rope buckle, windproof buckle, windproof rope, sudden blackout and other technologies are well received by users.


We always provide safe, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable products. Let you rest assured that business.


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Windproof buckle 

Windproof rope




Ground anchor drill



Amusement notes



High guardrail



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