Factors determining the price of inflatable castles


Recently, the number of investors choosing inflatable entertainment equipment for children has increased significantly. Everyone wants to build their own paradise before the holidays. Many investors find that the price of children's inflatable castles and other recreational equipment varies greatly. What's the real price of inflatable castles? Become the confusion of some novice investors. Today, Leyuan elaborates on some problems existing in the quotation of equipment, and only provides some practical reference.

Influencing the specific price factors of inflatable castles for children are as follows:

Product modeling

The same size of inflatable castle, different shapes, the corresponding price will be different. If the shape is complex, then the corresponding design and production costs will increase. Generally, Castle design is finalized after market considerations to ensure that on the basis of novelty, good-looking and fun, and then reduce redundant design to ensure product cost-effective.

Two. Product technology

The inflatable castle involves the production processes of spraying, sewing, heating and liquid film covering. Each production process will affect the price of the product. For example, if the castle spray painting area is too large, the cost of inflatable castle will increase, and the price will also increase.

Three, product materials

Inflatable Castle products are usually made of 0.45 mm or 0.48 mm thickness of Plato cloth. In order to pursue brightness, good-looking, elasticity and wear resistance of the base. Inflatable castles will be based on different parts of the castle, using different thickness of cloth, on the basis of ensuring the elasticity of the castle, to ensure the wear resistance of the castle, good shape, bright color, durable sunshine resistance and so on.

Four, product accessories

Children's inflatable castles need to be used with fans. The area and number of fans are different. The larger the general area, the more the number of fans needed to match, the more expensive the price.

The above factors that determine the price of children's inflatable castles are introduced. Of course, when purchasing inflatable castles, investors should pay more attention to factors such as product quality, manufacturer size, after-sales service, time cost and so on, so as to purchase high-quality inflatable castles with higher safety, durability and long-term operation.

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