How to Choose the Manufacturer of Inflatable Castle


The playground is a very popular entrepreneurship project. The playground equipment is carefully designed for the naughty characteristics of children. With the development of the amusement industry, there are also manufacturers of amusement equipment with uneven quality. Many investors who invest in children's amusement parks are inexperienced, and sometimes it is difficult to select good products that meet the requirements and are of high quality from many manufacturers of amusement equipment. As a novice, how can investors identify and judge children's amusement manufacturers? Leyuan amusement today teaches you how to choose.

I. Manufacturer's Word-of-mouth and Scale

First of all, we can see if the brand awareness and reputation of this manufacturer are good.

Second, we can go to the headquarters for field visits.

Thirdly, we should know whether the products are perfect after sale.

2. Excellent Design and Strict Standards

Excellent design is of great importance to children's amusement facilities. Bright colors and innovative design of equipment have great attraction for children. Therefore, it is necessary to see whether an equipment amusement manufacturer has an excellent design team, as well as advanced equipment and production technology. Every amusement equipment product should undergo layer by layer inspection, conform to international safety standards, all entertainment facilities ensure product quality, strictly control each link of design and production, and ensure each set-up. The application of non-toxic, harmless, healthy and safe.

3. In line with the trend of market development

Judging whether a child amusement facility manufacturer is good or bad depends on whether its design and production of children's facilities keep up with the market trend and whether they are popular with consumers. If the style is old, lack of fashion elements, and can not keep up with the market, it is easy to be eliminated. Every product design, not only by the first-class design team knife, but also children's education experts, psychologists, growth experts can participate in, meticulous to every corner of the product design are elaborate.

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