Why can Zhengzhou Leyuan's inflatable castle make customers


It's mid-December now, and the Chinese New Year is coming soon. The inflatable castle industry has entered the peak season, and our customer feedback is now booming with the close of the year. Most of the monthly revenue is over 10,000 yuan.

Why does the inflatable trampoline produced by Leyuan Recreation in Zhengzhou attract children and increase customers'income?

1. Modeling:

Attracting the popularity of the animation theme inflatable castle, is your investment project, half the way to success.


2. Work:

The inflatable castle must be sewn with double open threads and needles controlled between 4.2 and 4.5 MM. Only in this way can the inflatable castle be strong and durable, with small air leakage, electricity saving and higher returns.


3. Material:

All products are made of Plato first-class environmental protection PVC sandwich fabric. The material of PVC sandwich fabric itself has excellent characteristics of waterproofing, cold resistance (-50 ~60 C), flame retardancy, 6P environmental friendliness and so on.

Such workmanship materials in the market Zhengzhou Leyuan is also a reputation outside, exporting to many countries!
Inflatable Castle for Children


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