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Shark Castle

Zhengzhou Leyuan amusement production and sales of inflatable castle applicable to: Cultural media etiquette celebration company animation production company. (Organizing events setting off scenes building momentum) 2. Scenic spots res...

model:Shark Castle


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 Theme modelling is designed according to the combination of maze, rock climbing, slide and castle. It combines all kinds of toy advantages. It has beautiful appearance and various playing methods. It is loved by investors.

1. How to calculate the price of inflatable castle?

Answer: There are two main ways to quote for inflatable castles. One is to quote directly according to the whole set of quotations, and the other is to quote according to the square. In fact, it is only the difference of the way of quotation, but its essence is the same. Because there are many factors affecting the price of inflatable trampoline, besides the size (square) factor, there are other factors such as raw materials (directly affecting the cost), style (determining the amount of materials used and the complexity of the process). So the cheaper the castle is, the smaller the area is, and the cheaper the castle is, the larger the area is, and the more complex the castle is, the higher the price is.

2. How to maintain toys?

(1) Before the toy is deflated, clean the toy surface with a semi-dry towel, air it after drying, and fold it in a cool and clean place for storage;

(2) If the toys are not properly stored and the water intake cannot be drained, blow them up in a dry and ventilated place and air them until the water is steamed and dried. Do not store them with water.

(3) Blowers should be stored in dry and ventilated places to prevent dampness;

(4) Toys stored for a long time should be checked regularly for dampness and blown and wiped clean in the ventilated place.

3. How long will it take to receive the goods after placing the order?

Because toys belong to large items, very heavy, we only send logistics, goods to designated areas (city or county areas, town areas can not reach), to pick up logistics, logistics delivery costs we include. Normal 4-7 days arrival.

4. What if the product leaks?

If it is a continuously inflated toy, slight air leakage does not affect the use, we will provide glue and repair materials free of charge.

Common Faults and Removal of Inflatable Castle

1. Paste Requirements

First, evenly apply glue on the toy sticker and cloth, then air it for about 1 minute, paste the cloth on the sticker, press it flat, then do not warp the edge, and paste it.

2. Toys are scratched

A. The cut length of 5 cm should be sewn with needle and thread, then pasted with cloth strips or samples.

B. The cut is less than 5 cm and can be pasted directly.

3. Seam opening

Firstly, sew the opening smoothly with needles and threads (or remove it from the bottom of the air cushion and sew it). The opening can be firmly handled by pasting, while considering the beauty.

4. Beautify the edge

Use a small brush to apply some glue on the warping edge. After a short stop, press it flat and firm, then stick it firmly.

5, degumming

Some parts of the wearable parts are easy to degum after long time use. They can be cut into different shapes and pasted at the degumming place.

6. Large air leakage

After using toys for a long time, due to the enlargement of pinhole seams in some parts and the increase of air leakage, we can consider pasting cloth strips on the joints to reduce air leakage. If toys are too old, we should consider scrapping in order to prevent problems in operation.
Friends from Yingkou City

The quality is very good, the inflatability is very convenient, just came back two days ago in front of our community stalls, many children have come to play, these two days out in our square stalls, our design is novel, than the next person to play a lot more, as it looks like early return is expected.

Friends from Qianjiang District

It's a very beautiful business. On the first day, it's almost 2000 days, good weather and half a month. It's absolutely hot business. Shop service is also very good. If you have any problems, you can help solve the problem immediately. After the discussion, you're ready to start a friend who wants to buy and make a fortune in the New Year.

Friends from Ya'an

Toys play with a lot of children, holiday business is better, support.

Friends from Qinghai Province

Good quality and good workmanship. It is estimated that it will be back soon.

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